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My unusual instruments during my concerts are presented as sound sculptures and provoke curiosity on how they will sound.
I position myself in the center of this set-up, as an orchestra conductor, creating an integration between Man and Machine.
Who directs who ? who plays what ? who plays the instrumental notes ? who processes the computer ?

I tell stories, imaginary sound poems.
The audience is invited in a surreal world where they will hear new sounds, as they can see me operate my sound machines.

In 2002, with « Pépinier ou l’enclos des rêves » (Pépinier in the garden of dreams), I started a new exploration , using hardware (processors, pedals, samplers, …) for my sound processing. Since then , in order to enrich my work, I have used treatment via computer with Live Ableton and Max MSP. These softwares allow me to modify the raw sounds, repeat phrases, cut them apart, use them in reverse, stack them, stretch them.

I attach great importance to the sound spatialization during my concerts.
I install many monitoring speakers all around the instruments, in order to create a wide orchestra-type range of sounds.

« Quand j’étais chien » « When I was a dog » project, cine-concert.
In the middle of the stage, a man with two strange instruments, plays a resonant acoustic music. On a screen, a dog, man’s best companion, offers us a different vision of the world : a reduced ground-level perspective from a world in which human beings are the main protagonists.
The public re-discovers basic everyday concepts such as movement, vibration and pulse . The audience is invited by the images and the music, into a journey between reality and fiction, between our inner sphere and our surrounding space. A journey into new horizons where everyone can create his own poetry.

« QJC Boîte 23 » project will follow, inspired by German Expressionism.

Duo with Excelsior and Saw-blade Totem, the creation is composed of 4 movements, resonating to the work of artist Pierre Manoli.
The metallic sound texture is transformed by a BPM380, giving it pulse and accelerated rhythm.
The 25 minute piece is played live along with the computer processing, with no pre-recorded material.

This string-quartet, with Spiriale, Harpependulair, Guitaressort and Celloharpa instruments, explores the field of melody, harmony and sound textures, all in the same key C#.
This 40 minute piece is a tribute to the Psychedelic music of the 70’s, a period rich in sound experimentation.
I enjoy using these musical traces and ambiances, in relation with those we hear nowadays.

« KETCH 8 »
I imagined being on a 8-foot Ketch, sailing on the horizon, discovering unknown islands, where strange creatures would be living. I imagined sailing towards new encouters, on a sailboat passing through the waves and the strong winds, sailing at high speed into a harsh and powerful Ocean, sailing through Cape Horn, coming across sea-monsters, birds, drawing alongside a fisherman’s village, accepting their invitation to a local party, singing, dancing and drinking with them. Then sailing again in the dark night under the stars, with the sound of bells, pistons, the wind hitting the shrouds of the mast, the carcking of the deck, the sliding and rubbing of the sails. One can hear the Ocean breathing, the night breathing, the breath that pushes you forward, the sounds of water, the sounds of the maneuvers, followed by the peaceful moments of the ebb and the flow, the lapping of the water under the boat hull.

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2018 :
-SDT le Petit Balcon
-Instants Chavirés QUASI#4

-Les Portes ouvertes des ateliers d'Artistes de Montreuil

-BRUXOS La Semaine du Bizarre Théâtre Berthelot

2016 :
-Les Boîtes Bleues
-Les mains Bleues

2015 :

2014 :
-Métal-Battements N°2 au Conservatoire de Besançon

-Phénomène Vibratoire N°4

-Phénomène Vibratoire N°4 à l'atelier d'Aran

-Ketch 8

2013 :
-Quand j'étais chien
-Quand J'étais Chien ou QJC à l'atelier d'Aran

-Métal-Battements N°1 au Musée MANOLI

2012 :
-Trio d'instruments étranges numéro 2 à la Banannefabrik
-Quintet d'instruments étranges numéro1 au Lieu Unique

-Duo d'instruments étranges numéro 3 au Garagedelagare

2009 :
-Mémoires industrielles à Epinal
-Mémoires industrielles au musée du fer à Jarville

2008 :

2007 :
-Dance Palace Luxembourg

2004 :
-Peau d'âme

2003 :
-Carrières d'Euville

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18 MARS 2012 : Duo Harpe pendulaire et guitaressort

18 MARS 2012 : Guitaressort 2

18 MARS 2012 : Spiriale guit 6

18 MARS 2012 : Spiriale

18 MARS 2012 : Harpe pendulaire

18 MARS 2012 : Guitaressort 1

18 MARS 2012 : Excelsior

2012 : Totem de 9 scies

2011 : Cancale

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Mises à jour le 29/06/2018

LOCUS SOLUS : Rare music invented instruments.
17th and 18th March, 2012.
Scène National de Nantes. ( France)
Quai Ferdinand-Favre.

0033(0) 240 121 434

The nights of the TROIS C-L from Luxembourg.

Conference music and dance. Concert et improvisation with dancers.
3rd July, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
Centre Chorégraphique du Luxembourg.

"When I was a dog."

Video concert.
At Danz Festival Lëtzebuerg the Rotunda Square.
On Friday, May 24, 2013 around 20:00.
TROIS CL | 12, rue du Puits | L-2355 Luxembourg | t 352 40 45 69 | danse@danse.lu

The Garden of Earthly Delights.

"Strange Instruments Duo No. 3"
Exhibition Opening of Catherine Hutter and Jean Pierre Pichereau.
On November 17, 2012 at 19h at Garagedelagare Chateau-Gontier ( France).


The film Cordula Echterhoff on my creative process was broadcast on ARTE, when issuing Metropolis Saturday, March 23, 2013.
This issue is visible on the site until ARTE Metropolis May 5, 2013.

"When I was a dog."

Video concert.
At Danz Festival Lëtzebuerg the Rotunda Square.
On Friday, May 24, 2013 around 20:00.
TROIS CL | 12, rue du Puits | L-2355 Luxembourg | t 352 40 45 69 | danse@danse.lu

"When I was a Dog"

Video concert.
Thursday, July 4, 2013
L'Atelier of ARAN.
10, rue des Trente 35000 Rennes. (France)

"Beats Metal Number 1"

Concert performance.
September 14, 2013.
Manoli Museum and Sculpture Garden.
9, Rue de Suet. La Richardais 35780 (France).
As part of Heritage Days.

"QJC BOX 23"

Experimental Ciné-Concert.
Performance January 12, 2014.
7, Rue de Bonneville PARAME 35400 Saint- Malo ( France).
In the context of conferences on German Expressionism.


Concert performance on 20 and 21 March 2014.

City of Arts of Besancon.( France )
As part of the event " Memory and Paraphrase."

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ECLIPSE Harpendulair JUPITER :https://vimeo.com/387943012
ORION signal 15° :https://vimeo.com/384578010
ORION signal 12° :https://vimeo.com/384776865
BRUXOS Teaser :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq-c5coIRns
LUNE CUIVREE :https://vimeo.com/384505462
LUNE ROUGE :https://vimeo.com/384514449
ELECTRO BOX :https://vimeo.com/384493101
ECLIPSE JUPITER :https://vimeo.com/384474708
ECLIPSE NEPTUNE :https://vimeo.com/375374507
BRUXOS Teaser :https://vimeo.com/328484636
HE LOVES THE COLOUR BLUE :https://vimeo.com/304841770
I WANT BLUE EYES :https://vimeo.com/301028178
BRUXOS :https://vimeo.com/305365320
BRUXOS :https://vimeo.com/305351812
Le petit Balcon May 14, 2018 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI2gQDcexss&feature=youtu.be
in the composer's studio :https://vimeo.com/218658776
Bruno Billaudeau @ Home :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=danV-sT_DHs
Blu Box Studio :https://vimeo.com/218658776
BipBip Electro box part3 :https://vimeo.com/171288825
BipBip Electro box part2 :https://vimeo.com/171194688
BipBip Electro box part1 :https://vimeo.com/171162598
Bip Bip Box :https://vimeo.com/171134465
Clock Writer Box :https://vimeo.com/171092
Spring Suitcase :https://vimeo.com/165781325
Stick insect :https://vimeo.com/151639
QJC Boîte 23 :https://vimeo.com/84808495
QJC Boîte 23 :https://vimeo.com/104794610
Ketch 8 24 Octobre 2014 :https://vimeo.com/114477417
LUNE 2 :https://vimeo.com/117400143
Ketch 8 28 Octobre 2014 :https://vimeo.com/117401641
Documentary METROPOLIS ARTE :http://bruno-billaudeau.fr/video-arte
Mémoire et Paraphrase :http://youtu.be/ZGgdC4GSlEk
Arche :https://vimeo.com/105859582
Trio d'Instruments étranges N° 2 :https://vimeo.com/105033612
Quintet d'Instruments étranges N°1 :https://vimeo.com/104952572
Phénomène Vibratoire N°4 Part 4 :https://vimeo.com/98915448
Métal-Battement N°1 part 1 :https://vimeo.com/75481110
Métal-Battement N°1 part 2 :https://vimeo.com/79137082
Métal-Battement N°2 :https://vimeo.com/103995759
When I was a dog :http://youtu.be/Qm5T0eM7Htc
Phénomène Vibratoire N°4 Part 1 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaumGM9RPFE
Figures :http://youtu.be/o8Un3ByZ0qg